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I have decided to sell my little project, after having it collect dust for almost two years it's time to let her go...

I bought the Tanaka about two years ago from a fellow on the west coast, who sold it as a "upgraded" HPA sniper rifle that is "too awesome for words". What showed up at my house was less then awesome...

Over the next few months I striped the rifle completely and rebuilt it and the magazine. I set up a real HPA rig for it and added a heavy fluted barrel. My goal was to make a 100 yard gun. I decided to do a VSR conversion on it. At that point life got in the way, I simply have not had time to do anything it it since. The only thing needed here is a VSR cut inner barrel and you will have a tac driver. My plan was to buy a EDGI 6.01 for it but never got around to it.

I also bought a small Ninja PaintBall tank that was going to be concealed in a suit for the field. It's still has the seal on it.

I am selling the whole kit for $400 shipped con US for everything. I don't want to do a part out.

What's included.

Tanaka AICS m700
Old hardware
2 HPA tanks
Palmers Pursuit regulator/fittings
King Arms VSR conversion kit
VSR Hop up rubber
.20 gram BBs (to dial in FPS)
Silicone Lube

I also have a bottle of Trijicon FDE duracoat, that I planed on spraying the rifle with, if any one is interested.

Feel free to PM/e-mail questions.

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Just a tip, post the hydro test dates on the tanks. Even if they are brand new and unused, they can still expire from the "in test" window. Once that happens, they need to usually be shipped to a test facility and re-stamped with a new date.

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What version is the gun?
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