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[quote:0lt6cqr4]Edit- Jump can you post some pictures from the Arnie site. I can;t become a member for some reason. :'(
Me too... :'(
Arnies shut their registration to the forums some odd number of years ago (either 1 - 2). I have been trying to register on it using every handle and email address I have, since about '04 or '03. No luck, then I figured it out after emailing the admin that registrating is closed. I don't remember the reason he gave as to why.

Also, I thought I saw that the L96 shot 400fps with .20s, as to why I wanted to know it's upgradability. If it did use VSR-10 parts, then that would help Sniper out, as he could swap parts in and out of either or.[/quote:0lt6cqr4]

I just registered yesterday with no problem
A post from arnies get a few mins. ago from one of the posters...

"Just visted Gunner Today - the L96 feels solid like something built like the proverbial brick shithouse.

No cocked indicator, no empty indicator I can see though. Ah well.

Despite it's 520fps power - the bolt is almost rediculously easy to pull. Silly Magic Chinese springs, not obeying physics.

Lovely lovely gun.

Oh, by the way, lay off of Gunner for a while - he's busy as hell posting these things out - as I fondled the gun he was packing crates - he's sorry about the emails, but he is working through them. "

from what Gunner and Nacho, and now this guy are saying it is build like a rock
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milsimsniper How did you get to register so fast?

Edit- and nice pictures Jump
I just went to the site and resitered,
i dont think it will be taking VSR-10 part i dont know where you got that from, but its a clone os the Type 96 so if anything it you can upgrade it. It would be from that set-up.
I thought that was the case but I have been told numerous times otherwise. After I buy sites for my hi-capa, I may get this. Change to weaker spring, new hop-up packing, and a PDI 6.05 barrel maybe

After making an account at Arnies(took 1minute) and reading the 13 page thread, I think internally it takes the same parts as the L96. Not 100% sure yet.
Which Hi-capa you going to get? I have a WE 5.1 full metal bad ass gbb its shooting at 350fps
No not as of right now but Gunner-Airsoft have a deal with customs
your talking about the L96 clone right Jumprefusal
yeah cuz i was like i was just on there site and i didnt see it.
I see it like this if you can upgrade it go for it, they said this about the USR-11 that it will be crap but i got one and i have to say once the weight is removed it is far better that a Stock TM Vsr-10, the only diff, i notice was the build quail. of the stock but that is something you can change down the road. So i guess what im trying to say is just b/c it is cheap doesnt alway mean your going to get crap. being that you can upgrade it is a plus. Once i get money saved up im going to get one
1 - 12 of 112 Posts
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