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The L96 takes VSR-10 parts.
It's a clone of the Maruzen L96.... Why would it take VSR-10 parts?
If it DOES take VSR-10 parts, I am most likely going to get it.

I wonder how long the barrel is....
I thought that was the case but I have been told numerous times otherwise. After I buy sites for my hi-capa, I may get this. Change to weaker spring, new hop-up packing, and a PDI 6.05 barrel maybe

After making an account at Arnies(took 1minute) and reading the 13 page thread, I think internally it takes the same parts as the L96. Not 100% sure yet.
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Oh, no, I already have a TM Hi-capa 5.1. Thing is I lost my rear windage screw and totally lost my front site, lol. Don't ask me how, but now I'm just gonna get after market combat sites.
[quote:bs2q6dn1]are you using a yahoo email account?
Yes, should that matter? (I think for AirsoftPlayers I had to use my Hotmail account....hmm).

WOW, I feel like an idiot. 2 years worth of trying to register and NOW I see this:

Please note addresses will not work
WOW! I am registered now. :)[/quote:bs2q6dn1]
I pride myself in being rather smart. I read that whole thing. I found it completely useless and stupid, go play on a highway or something...
1 - 8 of 112 Posts
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