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I'm all about the china knock-offs now. To get off topic a bit, I bought the S-system rip for 130 bucks, and I am more than impressed. If it didn't say A&K on the reciever I wouldnt be able to tell the difference. I have an extra TM lower and a V2 gearbox to stick in, so it was well worth the money. I'm going to leave it as it is for awhile to see how it performs, if it does ok I'm going to start buying up the other cheap crap. Here is a good place to see the "good" knock-off stuff.
My bad, go to Gunner Airsoft. Arnies just showed a bunch of other shots.
yeah I got my A&K S-system yesterday, and I'm very, very impressed. The battery is crap, and wiring is going to be replaced tonight, but it has a very nice clean sound when being fired. I'm guessing its shooting right around 300 by the holes its making in stuff compared to my other guns. The only thing that is kinda chinsy is the stock and the motor grip.
Ehh, I'm sure you can make them fit, if the don't already. As for 450-500....I doubt that would last.
The quality of these things is getting better, I'm still amazed with this S-system. I replaced the lower with an old M4 lower I had, and put a full stock on it. I doubt anybody could tell the difference between a TM and this. Everything that is metal on a TM, is metal on this. I would wait until somebody gets hand on anything new before buying though, you never can know.
I'm guessing it's a 100% knock off of the Maruzen. The body will probably be light, with some crappy seams. But if It could take L96 internals, then 100 bucks is worth just the shell, body, and barrel. The scope is most likely complete crap, but that can be fixed with 20 dollars and a trip to Wal-mart.
Yeah It was pretty tough copying and pasting those :)
Where are you reading this at? This thing is 100% Maruzen knockoff

Its the Double Eagle M50A that uses VSR Parts, and I think that thing is what UTG Packages as their M234 or whatever it is.
They are the same! UTG buys all of their stuff from HK, and reboxes it as their stuff. Most of the brands you see on the US websites are all the same stuff just reboxed as some company people will remember. You'll even see on some of the HK websites they don't even know who makes it, or where they come from. They just get them and put em on the shelf. Pretty funny, but hey we benefit from it.
No sorry, the S-System. You can't by the L96 stateside yet, only from Gunner and Nacho as far as I know.
I think I may be ordering one too, for those days I have a hair in my ass and want to lay in the weeds and be lazy. Next in line though is that AK-74 :)
The newer ones are 100% knock offs. I'm sure there are still some crappy materials flying around in some of them, but from what I've seen they are damn close to being 100%. Of course the QC isn't as good, so the mechanical parts like gearboxes may need some work.
AEG wise, yes. To be safe make sure it says something along the lines of "100% TM knock-off". The Long guns on the other hand I don't know about yet, but from what I've seen on other forums the L96 is a dead ringer other than than a few small things like the cocking indicator.
Yeah but the shipping is going to off set that. They also have the M14 for pre-sale if you look deeper in there.
For those of you that aren't "keen" on the Chinese market, check the forums at airsoft retreat. There is a ton of stuff for sale over there, a lot of 100% TM knock offs that sell for a fraction of the price. One brand that comes to mind is D-boys, which you can only buy in main land china and is extremely hard to find a retailer that will sell it over seas. I saw a D-boys AR hicap for 10 bucks the other day just to give you a good idea.
Thats why I think these should be left to guys who have a mass amount of experience tearing guns apart. Beginner guns...yeah, but it's going to be a rock in a year like he said. There is no reason somebody with skill can't make it into something on par or better than its counterpart.
What the hell was the point of that? I almost wasted 20 seconds of my life reading that, until I skimmed and saw it had nothing to do with anything. Go jump off of a cliff for almost making me think.
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