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The Matrix is the exact same thing guy, just repackaged. They are already talking about V1 and V2s, saying they have fixed some of the problems. This happens with everything, even the quality stuff (ahem, G&G).
I figure its like the PLAYSTATIONS the first ones out of the factory were pushed for a deadline and they sucked,I will just wait till this coming summer to get the Warrior version L96 I guess they made up my mind for me "Its the MK1"that I will have then! lol
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Sorry no idea. I'm "assuming" its the same as the Maruzen. I'll try to find out on other forums, I'll let you know if I spot it.
not yet man, too many chinese toys to buy before I pick another bolt action up lol.
the only bad thing ive heard about this is that it shoots 520 fps for the first 100 shots or so and the drops to 490-500 fps.
Woah I doubt it is shooting that hard is it? I can't imagine them making something durable enough to last that long. First thing to snap would be the charging handle I imagine. I've heard 450, but who knows its all rumors.
gunner has photos on arnies chronoing 500fps n over.
Livonia gets awesome range and accuracy with .3s....
He has recently purchased some .28's

Hopefully in time after he has formed an opinion on .30 Vs. .28, he will share that with us ;)
the heaver the bb the more accurate the shots going to be but i have a Tanaka m24 and i shoot .3s and they work quite well in cooler temps (cause its gas) but in summer I'm prob Going to get .38s
it jess depends if you want accuracy or range
101 - 112 of 112 Posts
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