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Sudden Impact! Enjoy the Spectacle

.50 BMG on impact of target

new EMB bullet in 9mm

EMB shot through a block of gelatin

EMB slug after being shot through 6 - 1mm steel plates

Multiple exposure EMB hitting 1mm steel plate

.22 lr Sub-Sonic vs. Apple

.22 lr Sonic vs. Apple

.22 lr Ultra-Sonic vs. Apple

Brenneke Slug vs. Egg

.223 Remington vs. Egg

.223 Remington vs. Orange

.444 Marlin vs. Orange

.444 Marlin vs. Orange #2

.444 Marlin vs. Coke

.22 lr vs. Modelling Wax

.22 lr vs. Modelling Wax

Sudden Impact! courtesy of >>>
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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