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Hey, forgot to make my intro post.

Name is Patrick, new to airsoft sharpshooting. Always been about CQB for years, but can't handle all the running around anymore.

Just built my first ghillie, will post pics soon.

First rifle:

-Well MB4402D (didn't do my research enough, but determined to make this as good as the Marui AWS)
-Tape mod to the hop up unit, still trying to decrease curving bb's. May use Epoxy soon. Sadly no after-market units available (BUT WILL PAY IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE DEVELOPING THEM!)
-Matrix 6.03 AEG Barrel that I cut myself to VSR (may switch out very soon)
-Just ordered A piston, spring guide, 140 spring, steel cylinder, cylinder head from Will post updates when they arrive.

Give me some advice with upgrades! Especially with the hopup. It's really starting to frustrate me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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