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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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Being Irish and always having a Whiskey bottle on hand, *finishes bottle and hits silent scope over the head with it. Mine now Muhahaha XD
Create wormhole/timetravel , go to the past. I am now the original King of the hill.
He's got the best one so far. ^

i release a truck load of beautiful women at the bottom of the hill, and everyone goes running for them.

Hill is mine.
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Release men down hill everybody else runs down hill..... Mine
Tunnel under hill Shawshank redemtion style with hobby pick-axe. 10 years later said hill collapses and I Emerge from the mound of earth*. I am king of the muck mound. :bird:

*Some explosives may have been used. :)
Find moeny buried beside tree which I instructed a clone of myself to go to in case I died (I'm now the clone), find money buried beside said tree. Buy a .338 L96 with said money, an shoot you in the balls from 1000m. I then proceed to walk up the hill and take it. Have fun in the hospital. HILL IS MNE.
Die because you shot me in the balls..... You feel bad because that was a cheap shot and my body is at the top of the hill MINE!!!
Zombie me comes back from the dead, I bite you, we are briefly both king of the zombie hill until I get hungry and break the zombie taboo and eat another zombie being you. Eating you miraculously cures me and now I am king of the human hill again. Even with a bad case of the runs from my last meal...
After loler_coaster has done all the job, I claim the hill!
Yes but you die shortly after due to exposure. I terrafrom another distant planet for humans to move to after the thermonuclear war and move said hill there. I am now king of the hill. On Theta 5. :yup: :yup: :nuts:
Unforgiving wakes up from the dream he was having about a fairytale only to see that he is surrounded by Claymores and at the bottom of the hill. I'm on top, unforgiving blows up.
Sorry cheese man but there is such a thing as the chuck norris claus - "If by any means or event the world, universe or dimension which "King of the hill" takes place in changes through, destruction, warping or a paradox is introductory, any persons may use the "Chuck Norris" comeback as a means of continuing the game.

But I'm better than that. Over in Theta 7, back when I was messin' with wormholes and such I got kicked off the hill. While I had my king-less free time I decided to go exploring in my galaxy, while experimenting I happened to get some Higgs boson. Seeing our inevitable destruction I put the higgs boson, some hydrogen and helium into a slow telaport so it would re-enter our universe after the second big bang. Higgs boson does his stuff and I try to induce some shit and the universe is made again. 14 billion years later. - I am here again and I claim the hill.

(My physics is all over the place :p meaning probably wrong)

EDIT - Just in case the above didn't work - really cheeseman was just dreaming, he wakes up from the dream buried neck deep in sand with the tide closing muwhahah
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Last "Destruction of earth one", I promise.....

I start bombarding the suns core remotely with helium and hydrogen atoms. The sun has a giant solar flare which passes our magnetic field with ease. Thankfully I am sealed and frozen underground. The earth is a barren wasteland that's coated radioactive particles due to the flare. I wake up about 100,000 years later so now the earth is fairly safe to walk on. I immediately build a hill with the shovel I took in the freezing chamber with me. I am the king.
Goes "Deliverance" On lupin's ass and he is mentally scarred for life. Squeal, squeal like a pig. Naturally he just walks off the hill. I am now the King.
I obliterate the hill with a giant hose that shoots out fire trucks. Every one is dead and bleeding among the red of the firetrucks. I climb on top of the firetruck hill. Hill mine.
I snipe you with this bad boy:

Then take the hill and set up defences.
I build a new hill which is wayyy beter. Everyone rushs to take over that hill and leaves this on empty. BUT, the other hill is laden with C4. I blow it up and I'm king of the hill. :pop:
I call in Master cheif. You all run in fear. He then kills me. He is king of the hill.
But master chief is better than Leonidus (He won the rap battle AND saved the friggan galaxy)

I Dickslap you all to death. I am king. Sorry for my profanity.
I release kittens at the bottom of the hill. Lupin, with his natrual femininity runs to pet them. Only to find out they are explosive pussies.

I take the hill.
Dope is smoking, I fart in his direction. He instantly catches fire. I am the king.
Under 18 and live in Cali. Your plan backfires (haha, thats a pun) and the hill is still mine.
It says Ireland right under my name....

I call in some griffans who do the work for me. I control the hill.
I call in dragons which turn the hill to glass. NOW my hill.

(Awaiting patiently for skyrim reference or joke...)
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