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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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Blow up mines stationed on the hill, come up through the ground. MINE!
Covers entire world in mars dirt, makes new, better hill.

We definitely need to animate this whole thread...
Crashes the sun into the earth, and then builds a new hill on Alpha Centauri.
That one was used already, sorry bud. ;)

Either way, I just irradiate the hill with Th 233 and see what happens. ;)
Quantum locking keeps me on the hill forever, and relativity means that I always was there and always will be.
But he agrees with me......

Then we push you off, then I stab him in the back. HILL IS MINE!
You guys had to make me pull out the big guns.........

I hereby combine the anitneutrino and neutrino while they are both traveling in the same direction at the speed of light. They are traveling towards the black hole at the center of our galaxy. The combine in the black hole, causing the largest singularity ever created to implode the black hole, thereby releasing all the energy ever absorbed by said black hole. This causes a chain reaction with all the other black holes in the universe, creating an event similar to the big bang. Every piece of matter is converted into pure energy, and the universe ceases to exist. Then, through fortitude of my genius, I am the only one who has been saved from this singularity event, and so I am now the only person alive who can claim the place where the hill used to be.

For your own sake, don't try and best me on this one, I work on quantum and nuclear physics and relativity in my spare time.
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Sorry dude, wormholes don't work like that. Besides, I wouldn't collapse in on myself, I would just compress into an infinitesimally small dot. However, by that same theory of super-gravity, I would change dimensions in that instant, thereby coming back into the current dimension and kicking you back into the hole in space-time from whence you came.

Try again. ;)
Sorry, in those 100,000 years I set up a civilization devoted to keeping others off the top of the hill that I rule indefinitely.

You couldn't get the sun to set off a solar flare by bombarding it with both hydrogen and helium, by the way.
I indulge in some bad puns and you all run screaming.

Too physics'd out to come up with an apocalyptic scenario...
The hill *is* a mine, and I bought the land rights from the gov't, so...

*racks shotgun*

Geddoff my lawn, damn kids!
I turn off the computer you are all playing skyrim (?) on, and claim the hill.
I encase that nuke in a magnetic field, thereby containing the entire explosion within a 15-foot radius in the sky, while simultaneously creating a singularity in that small region of space right above the hill, destroying our solar system.

I meanwhile have been traveling at .95c towards the nearest inhabitable planet, and after taking an immortality serum perfected by me, I set up a new hill and declare myself king of it.

Don't even try, son. ;)
1 - 20 of 470 Posts
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