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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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Ride to top on dirtbike past Wolf chasing his tanks, give you the boot.

Picking my self up out of the dust, I run back up and tackle Wolf down the opposite side, then I Climb to the top and set up a 15 foot fence topped with razor wire:p
I use a giant fan to blow you into the woods and you get stuck in a tree with your parachute. Hill is mine!
Grabs Silent by the collar, tosses him over the side, then lights sign on fire.

Hill is MINE!
Calls napalm on the hill..... the hit is mine...
I roll down the hill on fire and land in a puddle. I walk half way up, toss an OC grenade, wait for you goons to clear out and walk to the top with a gas mask on.

Of course you know, THIS MEANS WAR!

Puts on a noise canceling head set, plays Brittney Spears at about 120 dB. Hill is mine.
I use a Skycrane (big ass helicopter) to drop a boulder on your head. I then climb said boulder with mountain climbing gear and plant flag stop it. Hill/Boulder is mine!
Uses SCUBA gear to get close to the hill, I drop my flippers and tank, and push you into a whirl pool on the other side. Hill is MINE!
I set off a Thermoberic bomb nearby and the pressure blows you off while the hill protects me. I walk to the top. This malformed mass of land is MINE!
I gather my team, Spartan Assault, and preform a Spartan Charge and take the hill.

I shoot you with a net gun, then hog tie you, then Taser your ass!

Kill is mine!
Create wormhole/timetravel , go to the past. I am now the original King of the hill.
He's got the best one so far. ^

i release a truck load of beautiful women at the bottom of the hill, and everyone goes running for them.

Hill is mine.
I tell you that you have nearly a hundred orders backed up at CMI, and you return to work. HILL IS MINE!
This thread got pretty damn weird since I was here last. xD

Carry on!
1 - 14 of 470 Posts
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