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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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Piss off finland!!! The Swede is going to take it from you with a boot to the arse.

All joking of course.. ;-)
Shoots exomatt inback of head with crimebuster.... sorry man been up here in my ghillie all day :D
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Watches from my own hill at all the funny people fight over one hill... :D
Calls in a mortar strike, and has global hawk flying high above as early warning to all those who try to claim my lead hill ;)
I look at you all through my scope laughing as you are all fighting over the wrong hill, due to my tech guys ability to alter GPS coordinates....

Fools all of you :D
Psh, you can't even get close, I have things all over this hill that will destroy anything that comes near it. That and not to mention my perpetual motion charged force field.
1 - 6 of 470 Posts
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