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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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builds a tower on top of the hill, stands on tower, and is therefore 'king of the hill'.
Crashes the sun into the earth, and then builds a new hill on Alpha Centauri.
I was on top of the hill the whole dang time....damn ghillie suit for the win!
That one was used already, sorry bud. ;)

Either way, I just irradiate the hill with Th 233 and see what happens. ;)
Another reason to read the whole thread first....Have a warning fuzz.

I'll just walk back down the hill in defeat. Carry on.
Runs up the hill wearing a radiation suite to claim the hill while everyone stays out of the hot zone! The hill is mine!

Edit: Owned the hill for 50 minutes
Calls in a mortar strike, and has global hawk flying high above as early warning to all those who try to claim my lead hill ;)
psh, 3rd dimmension hills are over rated. Now MY 4th dimmension hill on the other hand...
Build the hill back, it goes over cheeseman, the hill is mine!
I call in aliens to abduct Worst ...
They'll do some crazy shit experiments on your body (WorstInFinland) involving those HPA rigs you tossed down the hill....
And lay on a beach chair on the hill top and drink ice cold coffee! King of the hill!

Stakes a sign into the hill reading: "This is NOT a hill." :hehe:

To my disbelief, everyone actually walks away. MINE!! >:D
Grabs Silent by the collar, tosses him over the side, then lights sign on fire.

Hill is MINE!
Calls napalm on the hill..... the hit is mine...
Calls napalm on the hill..... the hit is mine...
I roll down the hill on fire and land in a puddle. I walk half way up, toss an OC grenade, wait for you goons to clear out and walk to the top with a gas mask on.

Plays Rebecca Black in your hill.... Puts earplugs in and walk up the hill.... MINE
Of course you know, THIS MEANS WAR!

Puts on a noise canceling head set, plays Brittney Spears at about 120 dB. Hill is mine.
Throws rock at speaker and lands on your head ^^^ Hill is mine
I use a Skycrane (big ass helicopter) to drop a boulder on your head. I then climb said boulder with mountain climbing gear and plant flag stop it. Hill/Boulder is mine!
21 - 40 of 470 Posts
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