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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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You and I are the only smart ones woogie.
Not the nicest thing to say... Anyways. I make bushmaster send a platoon to hunt you down. After you snipe their gunners and commanding officers the grunts find you and take you down, also I don't actually ever go to the hill. My minions( mainly bushmaster) claim it in my honor. Also I implant you with one of my chips seeing as how you are such a threat to my nations security.

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Psh, you can't even get close, I have things all over this hill that will destroy anything that comes near it. That and not to mention my perpetual motion charged force field.
And that's what I wanted you to think, now I will set my microchip to make you think you are battling for this hill forever! Battle on lol.

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Firstly, I am a fair but firm ruler, not an arrogant tyrant so you got the wrong bushmaster there. All the mind control chips and new found power that you believed happened was just an envious daydream. I decide I had enough of threats to Hillland from outsiders and influence you to fully believe that the only hill worth fighting for is woogie's wonderland hill. You decide that fighting for my hill will cause to much damage to hillland. I also infect you with a secret, dormant virus. If you try and take Hillland, the stress from trying to do so and the virus will activate and kill you
I dig a tunnel under the hill, hollow it out, and build an inner hill.

yes. a hill, in a hill.

Innerhill is mine! Good luck fighting on my roof!
I dig a hole drop massive amounts of tear gas into your inner hill. I then take the hill with a gas mask.
Ah the old undermining trick. Well there is a very simple defence against that. While you to gas each other under the hill, a monsoon storm comes along, bringing with it a huge amount of rain. The ground above your tunnel becomes water-logged and your tunnel colapses. You two are crushed out right
After awakening from a "daydream" I follow the only path of footprints leading to the hill. Tracking skills show me way, and while your worried about the others I sneak up behind you and push you down the hill. Now I throw a Batman smoke bomb and disappear with my ghille. Hill is mine
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Your thoughts of overthrow has caused the virus inside you to activate and before you even realise you fall to the ground dead.
461 - 470 of 470 Posts
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