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Forum game: king of the hill

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This is the king of the hill, you have to conquer the hill, everything expect cheating is allowed. ;D
I walk up the hill. Hill is mine!
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Does not have head and thus a bolder landing on my head is useless (my picture below) Vote for Obama and everyone flees to Canada the hill is mine....
blows up the boulder with an M203 and make a somewhat comfy chair out of the gravel, hill is mine
Floods hill.... swims to the top and tiles the top sitting on top a a puny island Hill is Mine
Uses SCUBA gear to get close to the hill, I drop my flippers and tank, and push you into a whirl pool on the other side. Hill is MINE!
After much studying and research, I discover water runs down hill. I tilt the earth slightly, causing all of your water to run away. Then I give you the good ol' sparta kick off your island. Hill+small island is mine.
I set off a Thermoberic bomb nearby and the pressure blows you off while the hill protects me. I walk to the top. This malformed mass of land is MINE!
I gather up all the members of airsoft team S.O.A.P. and preform a night raid on your hill, taking the hill in the process, hill is mine
held the hill for 30 min. :D
I gather my team, Spartan Assault, and preform a Spartan Charge and take the hill.

I run screaming up the hill William Wallace style with a claymore (the sword kind) in my hand, everyone flees in terror, the hill is mine
I go to the hill and start talking.... Everybody runs in terror.... MINE
I call in a 105mm bb strike on your position, the hill is mine
Sells hill on eBay and climbs back to the top.... The hill is mine
Call orbital bombardment and flat your hill I build mine with a heavily fortified wall around it and a throne on top of new hill ... MY THRONE.... I declare myself KING!

Pull my secret lever and a mountian comes from under the hill... The hill is mine
I have a sherpa carry me to the top of the mountain, hill is mine
I shoot you with a net gun, then hog tie you, then Taser your ass!

Kill is mine!
Create wormhole/timetravel , go to the past. I am now the original King of the hill.
Create wormhole/timetravel , go to the past. I am now the original King of the hill.
He's got the best one so far. ^

i release a truck load of beautiful women at the bottom of the hill, and everyone goes running for them.

Hill is mine.
41 - 60 of 470 Posts
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