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FPS control

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I have a 16” SRS currently and was wondering if using the 18” barrel would be ok to use with the 420mm inner barrel. And if not, what length inner barrel would be best for a 18” outer. Last question is how much of a FPS increase will I see from extending the inner barrel? I am currently at 442 fps with .32s and the max my field allows is 500fps with .32s.
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Airsoft is not so bad as it's not as heavy I think, but you also don't have a range or power advantage over everybody else for the most part, and you're just lugging around massive expensive mags and a massive expensive gun and making yourself miserable.
The main problem with turning a .50BMG into an airsoft replica. The necessary design element/the advantages we would get in them would simply turned into a hindrance when we apply them to airsoft.

I think Silverback really did a job well done on making the HTI, since I couldn't think of any other .50BMG replica that is more practical than that for war games. Save that magazine.

I would wait until DSR-50 shows up in airsoft, since I think it would be the best .50BMG replica if done correctly on critical areas.
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