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FPS drop on my l96?

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I have a heavily upgraded utg l96, sears and metal triggerbox, a angel custom piston and piston head, a prommy 6.03 barrel, pdi hop up, scs nub, systema bucking, and the spring and spring guide from the utg upgrade kit, I recently put in the piston and piston head, and now I'm noticing an fps drop, it should be shooting 550 with .2, and with .4s I was able to go through almost 4 cans on a poor mans chrono. I just did a poor mans chrono after having the piston and piston head in for about 2 weeks, and I go through 1 can and dent the second, thats a major drop, and I don't know why? Is it the piston head? I have to be losing air somewhere, my best head is the piston head because I was reading recently that it can change shape with use and cause a bad air seal, but thats only a guess, it still looks normal shape to me but I'm not sure.
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Ok, how do I do the compression test? And I've probably put around 2000 rounds through my sniper, but it stayed compressed for a week so I'm guessing it's the spring, I realized that after posting.
Compression test = fail, I'll order a laylax piston head soon then, what spring could I get also that would fit the spring guide I have? (utg upgrade kit, metal) I figured I mine as well get a new spring too, thats better quality, what spring should I get that will give 530-550 or so with my current upgrades, I'm hoping to get it from, any suggestions?
I checked a ton of websites and couldnt find a m150 in stock, anyone know where to get one??
Where could I find it in stock?? All i can find are AC springs in stock on evike, everywhere else springs arn't in stock. I need this sniper up and running soon, we've been playing games alot and I probably will have to miss this weekend's game because my fps currently blows. So do you think I could do ok if I just order the piston head, and order the spring once it's in stock somewhere.
I ordered all the parts I need including the spring and spring guide, I'll let all of you know the results when the parts come.
My order was shipped, but apparently the laylax piston cup/head is out of stock now, of course, anyone know how quick airsoftextreme restocks things?
I called and apparently their waiting for a laylax shipment to come in the next couple days so hopefully it won't take long, I'll be pissed if I have to miss another game because of it.
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