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FPS problem

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Hey guys,
I'm gaving problems with my cylinder. When I shoot with a m170 spring, almost no air shoots out of the cylinder head. There are no leaks because i checked every place where therr ecould be one and no air came out when I shot. I recently lubed the piston o ring and basically the whole cylinder with white lithium grease, but that didn't really do anything. I checked the spring and it works perfectly on another sniper. I am running an action army zero trigger with its piston, the stock cylinder and spring guide and m170 spring. Do u have any idea on how i could fix this fps issue?
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Take your cylinder head off and make sure the hole isn't clogged with who knows what. Also try using the stock trigger and piston to see whether it is the cylinder causing the problem or the internal parts. Before we fix anything we have to isolate the problem.
First, you should be able to switch out springs without a problem. Any spring meant for the VSR is going to be the same size and can be used with any other piston made for the VSR. There is no reason you can only use the stock spring with the stock piston. Second, you said almost no air came out of the cylinder before and now you are saying you are missing only 50 fps? Third, what is an old man's chrono? You aren't making any sense.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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