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FPS problem

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Hey guys,
I'm gaving problems with my cylinder. When I shoot with a m170 spring, almost no air shoots out of the cylinder head. There are no leaks because i checked every place where therr ecould be one and no air came out when I shot. I recently lubed the piston o ring and basically the whole cylinder with white lithium grease, but that didn't really do anything. I checked the spring and it works perfectly on another sniper. I am running an action army zero trigger with its piston, the stock cylinder and spring guide and m170 spring. Do u have any idea on how i could fix this fps issue?
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I cant really get what u mean but whenever I shoot with just the cylinder assembely, it moves backwards but i dont get where the leak would be, because when I put my hanf around the edges of the cylinder head, noair comes out of there.
So i can only use the stock spring with the stock piston and sear set but it shoots a little higher than the aa zero trigger piston.
Is there any other place where the cylinder could be leaking?
Update: I just installed the danger worx hop up arm and did an old mans chrono test and the gun is shooting between 470 fps so I'm missing like 50 fps.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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