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fps to psi conversion???

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Hey all you guys that have an hpa rig and a chrono, whats the psi that you run and the fps that your shooting. I'm really having trouble finding a conversion for the two and I don't own a chronograph :(
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there is no conversion since it depends on your air seal, barrel length, barrel diameter and i am sure i am forgetting one thing at least. What is your setup?
kjw m700, hpa rig, it has yet to be upgraded.
Too many variables to give an answer. Tune it at a site with a chrono.
Ok no prob
as an example my G&G L96 with a 650mm 6.01 barrel hits 550 fps with a .2 at just under 70 PSI.
Ok so that gives me a good base to work off if i had the same psi i would probably get about 500 fps assuming that internal upgrades and the tight bore would have a large affect on my fps. thank you solarisjock very much for putting up with my random info lol :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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