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Here is a section where you can post something you have no use for, that others might. One mans trash is one others treasure.

-These are free parts you are listing, inquirer pays for shipping.
-Do not post a reply unless you are posting up a want or sale of an item.
-Send a Personal Message to the person who's item you want.
-Once your item is gone, delete your post.
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Anyone have a full metal tooth piston they are not using?

Looking at upping my SPR, and am going to need one, hit me up.
I need just a stock Utg Shadow op L96 hop-up chamber with the bucking.

Mine broke and I need a new one so I can sell the gun for some money to buy a new gun. I dont want to spend a couple hundred for a new hop-up and then sell the gun for way less.
I have the unit without the rubber. All I ask for is the shipping and some karma ;)
You could pester leapers until they sell you one. I emailed them until I got it worked out and they sent me a new hopup unit for around $11 shipped.
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Anyone have any replacement parts for a 1911 mag? I dropped mine and broke some things.
Does anyone have a WE HI CAPA 5.1 sear and a sear set that will work in an mb02?
flippin said:
Anyone have any replacement parts for a 1911 mag? I dropped mine and broke some things.
What things did ya break, I have a broken mag too and I'd let ya use parts.
looking for m9 parts or parts gun, need to fix up my side arm. HFC/KJW/WE models are all compatible for the most part, let me know if you have anything.

mags, functioning or non-functioning would also be amazing.
Anyone have a replacement parts or any hopup wise parts for the UTG l96.
switch selector for an m4? mine is stripped :/ thanks
Anybody have PVC (1 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1/4 in, and half inch) and an extra metal buffer tube?
Does anyone have a Well, UTG, or Maruzen L96 reciever that isn't needed?

Just the reciever, not the bolt or anything.

and also a grip safety for a 1911?

If anyone is willing to get rid of any L96 or 1911 parts, I'll take them.
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I'll take any bar-10 parts or shims off your hands :)
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Managed to tear my hop up bucking when trying to turn it inside out! If anyone has any standard rubber for VSR-10s then let me know...

Tan/Desert/Land camo BDU's? I don't have any and would like some when I play.
30/32 Pants would be great, and either small or medium on the shirt. Would be very much appreciated. :]
Anyone got any spare parts? From broken PVC pipe to ripped foam, or even burlap.. shards of pot metal, I'll take all of your junk. Just send whatever plagues your workbench to me. PM Me first though, dont want to get random pieces of metal in the mail.
Anyone have a fixed stock for a m4 they are wanting to sell or something like a fixed stock for a dmr
I to have broken my vsr bucking... I am willing to take anything thats not broken or ripped! Thanks!
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