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Fresh Painted Bar-10

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I have finally painted my Bar-10, let me know what you all think. I will be adding close up pictures after I put the protective coating on this afternoon.

The piece at the bottom is my supressor, it actually does work as a noise dampner.

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gadsden said:
woogie said:
Not bad looking ..... Would blend right in if your AO is a carpet

Nice looking though.
Funny :). Where I play there is tons of tall dead grass and branches. When I add the rifle wrap and veg it looks awesome! Never thought about it blending into the carpet as good as it did until you mentioned it
LOL, "Capretflage" Kinda brings a new light to the term Urban Camo!
Looks nice Gadsden, those colors will act as a nice base camo in order to blend in well with the northeastern Oklahoma surroundings.
"I remember my trip up there to D-Day park for MSE's Operation Foreshadow back in December of '09, I'm sure that a lot of people there that day thought that a tan burlap desert Ghillie would just stand out. However; the effectiveness was undeniable to everyone there at the conclusion of the day's end. As I was able to slip in and out completely undetected among 100 OpFor enemy, while successfully reducing my primary target objective "Claymore" CO of the CIA, with a single dispatched shot!"

"Now go Ghillie Up, have fun, be safe, and Send It!"

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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