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Hello all, looks like this board is serious. My name is Bryan. I am a married father of 2; a 17 year old girl (with a boyfriend....arggh the pain) and a 15 year old son who has introduced me to this wonderful adrenaline rush called Airsoft.
I am 47 years of age and have done a lot of different things but mostly have worked in the field of print. I started jogging books in 1987 and currently am the technical resources manager western region for a large Canadian print firm. I am almost done with my portion of our latest project. We installed 4 large KBA CT presses across the country and enabled The Globe and Mail to print heatset process and cold web process on every page of a 48 page broadsheet book. In the same page count and format across the country. That might bore you but I'm proud.:)
I live in Canada (deductive reasoning probably already told you that), the lower mainland of British Columbia to be more specific. I have excellent grammar and punctuation but promise to keep my mouth shut about all the errors I see.
I have read a number of posts here and am quite impressed. I hope to be able to contribute in some way but for now will mostly just read and ask the occasional question.
I purchased my first Airsoft rifle in November of last year and have put a number of recommendations I found on this forum (thanks vindicareassassin) to go from 245-248 fps (nice and consistent) to 348-356 fps (not so nice but hey I'm new). I am still developing my style but I am definitely a quiet mover. I really enjoy putting my rubber knife in their back and saying mercy (it's a local rule here), I think being old and patient helps:).
Anyway folks I don't want to take to much of your time. I hope to have fun and contribute from time to time. I will pretty up a sig and sundry soon enough.

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Welcome aboard, nice intro post. If you happen to see an error or someone breaking the rule, just press the report to mod button. It makes our job easier. ;)

Again, welcome, there is a ton of information here for you, so get reading. :)
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