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Frostee's Old Maruzen

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This will be my newly aquired weapon of destruction. picture can be found here:

Only problem is that he says that the springs that hold the sear up is worn so they need replacement, now assuming this is a worst cast scenario, how much would a new trigger housing run me? I know it's $170 for a Zero Trigger. But I'm interested in something that'll just last me all of winter.
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Not sure if the UTG M324 would be compatible, but that might be a good try. Otherwise, maybe search around a look for a stock trigger housing just for now, but it's going to need a new assembly regardless.
Well, I think I'm going to check Ace Hardware or Lowes or Murry's or whathaveyou when I get this, I'll test shoot a few rounds because he said it works sometimes but one in every 2-3 shots it won't catch, so I'm going to see how it shoots right off the gate and then I'll take it to the hardware store and if they have a spring that size then I'll just buy that and have Tex throw it in at Eclipse, but if I can't seem to find the two springs that'll fix it, then I'll just buy a Laylex Zero Trigger.
AirsoftExtreme sells "APS2 Trigger Parts". Im assuming that they are the stock trigger parts so they should last awhile. Maybe its a new trigger unit. Im not sure. Its airsoft extreme they dont post alot of information on what they sell. Send them an email or try a "do-it-yourself" fixin.

AirsoftExtreme - APS2 Trigger Parts

Last I talked to Frostee about his APS2 he created his own cylinder springs by taking 2 springs and cutting them down to size. He put a drop in cylinder kit (CA) and it has a stock hop-up so you would probably want to replace that. I have the CA Dropin kit on mine and it does the job get you around 525-550 with .2s. But yeah, get a hop-up unit on that sucker unless you want to pay the $25+ for the Maruzen BBs.
PDI hop up I'm assuming? But can I just shoot normal .3's with the stock hop up? Or is me getting a PDI hop up going to have to be like an ASAP thing? Because I've heard this shoots dead straight almost for about 55-60 yards. So if that is true I'm leaving it as is, but if I absolutely need a PDI hop up or anything like that I'll do it.
I have my old trigger unit from my 96, chances are the two springs that hold the piston sear vertical are the same in the APS2. You can have my old springs, otherwise we can make it work, its not a very hard design to makeshift something.

The hopup should be fine for now, its probably around 4 years old though.
Well, that's a great deal. When I get it (Most likely Thursday or early Friday at latest) we can just fix her at Eclipse. As long as she shoots decent enough to rack a few kills then I'll have no problems after that fix. But what upgrades should I drop into it?

It currenty shoots 530 FPS with a .2 and here are current upgrades on it:
CA Drop in kit
Guarder reinforced handle
The CA drop in cylinder is a hunk of crap, Deadprez and Damo's both tore at the handle mount.
Alright Livonia, so break this down for me. What will I need to drop into her and how much will it cost?

I already know Zero Trigger will run $150ish and Cilinder will be in the $100's. So those are some things to get. But what should be my first upgrades? Tightbore and PDI hop up? then a different type of Cylinder and a different spring?
The trigger should be the first part to upgrade. Go with a Zero because the housing is metal, and you already know what happend to my stock plastic one. Its just that his gun is really old and is probably a time bomb. You don't need the cylinder for a while, you will know when its time for a new one, instead just get a PDI/Laylax hopup and hard bucking. After that you will probably want to move into the tightbore. You know I have that Systema M16 one, and I'll let it go for cheap.
Will it work in that gun? If so then I'll probably have to put that on my list of stuff. I might as well get that from you asap since I doubt you'll charge that much for her. I'll have to see exactly how much bread I have at EMagazine*se. But as of now it's looking like $110ish.

Alright, here is what I plan on getting to solve my problems and where I'm getting them. If you find something cheaper or want to add your two pennies to something, do so please.

Trigger: PDI Zero Trigger for Maruzen APS-2 Series

Hop up: PDI Hop Up for Maruzen-APS-2 series

Tightbore: Livonia's M16 Systema 6.04 barrel

Is there any more upgrades I should drop into her? I know with the CA drop in kit it's shooting about 530 FPS at the moment and with that tightbore I should just about hit the 550 mark. I'm not really looking for more FPS than that, but if I can get any more upgrades that'll help with the overall strength of the gun, please feel free to belt them out at me. Thanks,

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CA Cylinder is indeed a hunk of crap. But like I said, it does the job for the time being. When you get the extra cash your going to want to redo the cylinder.

$102 - First Factory/PSS2 Teflon Cylinder
$25 - First Factory/PSS2 Cylinder Head
$17 - PDI Ezy 9mm Vacuum Spring Guide
$54.50 - PDI Vacuum Piston
$36-$59 Gaurder/PSS2 Reinforced Bolt Handle of Choice
$(Depends on the Spring) New Spring! My CA 300% spring (same as yours I beleive) isnt very good but like I said before... for those with a tight budget, it gets the job done.

Total: Around $250

These are the pieces I plan on getting.
The PDI hopup converts it to AEG barrels or the stock barrel.

And the trigger you have linked is for the T96.
Mosin, I'm not sure if you're going to need a new cylinder. The reason being, that both Damo and Deadprez's rifles had stock M24 bolt handles, where as this rifle has an upgraded bolt handle. Which in theory would eliminate the potential problems that you would have with a stock bolt handle.

Although, if I where you I would get a FF Teflon Cylinder, but I wouldn't think you would need one right away.
$102 - First Factory/PSS2 Teflon Cylinder
$25 - First Factory/PSS2 Cylinder Head
$17 - PDI Ezy 9mm Vacuum Spring Guide
$54.50 - PDI Vacuum Piston
$36-$59 Gaurder/PSS2 Reinforced Bolt Handle of Choice
$(Depends on the Spring) New Spring! My CA 300% spring (same as yours I beleive) isnt very good but like I said before... for those with a tight budget, it gets the job done.
I've currently already got a Guarder Reinforced Bolt Handle
Everything else I'll look around for, if you can get links for any of this stuff. That'd be amazing and it'd save me 15-20 minutes of searching the interweb. I just want to get everything laid out in front of me with prices and everything so I know what I'll need to get. Does it really matter what order I get some of this stuff in? My first thing I'm going to buy is a most likely that tightbore from Livonia, then a PDI hop up, and then I'll get into the trigger assembly and cilinder and whatnot.
New Question: Will a Harris Bi-Pod fit on a Maruzen APS-2? If so I found one for next to nothing and I've already reserved it, so if it does then I'm the first person to get it. If not, I'll give the link and anyone else who wants to have a go the kid will take $25 for it.
It's actually a Rock Mount, it'd be that one that was on your old CA M24 Oakey.
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