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I am selling a Tanaka Works M700 A.I.C.S. Limited Edition Sniper Rifle.
(All trademarks and serial numbers are there, still original paint)
Had to order it from china - Everywhere else is out of stock.

Mostly used in the backyard for fun, been to 2 games.

This gun is Tan and is very accurate once the cold shot unit has been dialed in and the scope zeroed. The cold shot regulated the gas that goes into the gun every time it is fired. You can dial in the fps you want and it will stay there constantly.

This system uses a 12g c02 cartridge that you can buy from any sporting good store for less than a dollar.

The rifle comes with:

M700 AICS (Tan) With one long magazine
3-9x50 scope (with lens covers)
Stock pouch that holds the cold-shot unit. (so you don
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