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FS: Issue ACUs

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I've got 2 sets of Med/Reg ACUs, both government issue and worn. Never been in the field, just slight fade. 30 bucks plus 5 shipping if you want a set. Money order/cashiers check only.

FYI, they have the IR tabs on the pockets.
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Sure, I'll take some tonight when I get home.
what are IR tabs by the way?? Both of the pants and jackets are medium regular? Thanks, yea, i am really very interested.
IR Tabs are infrared strips on the (I think the pockets) that show really brightly on night vision or cameras at night. It's basically for friend-foe establishment. I guess in the army you just have to remember 'don't shoot at the shiny things and you'll be okay.'

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Sorry I was at work late last night, I'll try to get you some pictures tonight.

The IR tabs came to light after we greased a bunch of Canadians in Afghanistan. After that, we all taped glint tape to the top of our helmets so we would shine to the Aircraft. Then we sewed small pieces onto our sleeves for Iraq, and then came along the ACUs with IR. Now we are back to nothing on our helmets :)
Sigh I got home late again, i'll be home early today I'll get er done then.
hey, well, just let me know man if the who shinanagen isnt going to work out....i'm still very interested, and will probably buy them.w
Sorry I'm such a douchebag for taking long, especially to you babacanoosh. Here ya go a day late and a dollar short.

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60 and I'll include shipping. The other set is a little more worn, and the cut is slightly different because they were the original run of ACUs. They look identical, but you'll feel a slight difference. The set in the pictures on the other hand are pretty much new, maybe washed twice at the most.
yes, i am interested, and a payment will be sent a little later. just of give me ur info through pm for paypal or whatever.
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