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I'm looking to sell all of my sniper rifle parts and extras. All parts include FREE SHIPPING. If you have any question or you would like to buy something, send me a text at 734-771-9984.

All of these parts are for the vsr and bar 10 rifles.

1. Laylax zero trigger with piston $150

I've only shot around 200 rounds threw this, and it is basically brand new. I bought this and know I'm parting out my rifle. Comes with all the hardware to mount to a gun

2. Pdi raven barrel with a tm bucking inside a shimmed hop up chamber. $40

5. Trigger box with a pdi piston sear $30

6. Stock trigger box $15

7. Custom made bar 10 stock $80

8. Bar 10 stocks $25 each

10. Stock barrel, bucking, and hop up $30

11. Custom g spec outer barrel $ 30

A 303 mm barrel, will fit almost to the middle of the silencer.

12. Vsr outer barrels $ 15 each

14. bar 10 receivers $10

16. vsr mags X5 $13 for all of them

18. .43 bb's $20

19. Custom made silencer, that fits over the outer barrel. It is about 14 in long and covers almost the entire outer barrel.


All of these prices are obo, and I will accept any reasonable offer or trades. I give discounts if you buy more than one

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I don't have a VSR but I have to say to everyone, especially novice players that these are excellent prices.

Actually I might have a friend or two who have a vsr Interested in a few of these things. Would you do free shipping to Ireland too? If not they'd prob pay shipping anyway. I'll ask for ya.

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Are you sure its fixed magnification; the adjuster to the rear of the scope looks like it would adjust magnification. And I can't find any UTG scope that has fully adjustable turrets and a fixed magnification, that also looks like that.
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