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FS: VSR Parts- zero trigger, pdi, laylax,polarstar

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I'm looking to sell all of my sniper rifle parts and extras. All parts include FREE SHIPPING. If you have any question or you would like to buy something, send me a text at 734-771-9984.

All of these parts are for the vsr and bar 10 rifles.

1. Laylax zero trigger with piston $150

I've only shot around 200 rounds threw this, and it is basically brand new. I bought this and know I'm parting out my rifle. Comes with all the hardware to mount to a gun

2. Pdi raven barrel with a tm bucking inside a shimmed hop up chamber. $40

5. Trigger box with a pdi piston sear $30

6. Stock trigger box $15

7. Custom made bar 10 stock $80

8. Bar 10 stocks $25 each

10. Stock barrel, bucking, and hop up $30

11. Custom g spec outer barrel $ 30

A 303 mm barrel, will fit almost to the middle of the silencer.

12. Vsr outer barrels $ 15 each

14. bar 10 receivers $10

16. vsr mags X5 $13 for all of them

18. .43 bb's $20

19. Custom made silencer, that fits over the outer barrel. It is about 14 in long and covers almost the entire outer barrel.


All of these prices are obo, and I will accept any reasonable offer or trades. I give discounts if you buy more than one
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I don't have a VSR but I have to say to everyone, especially novice players that these are excellent prices.

Actually I might have a friend or two who have a vsr Interested in a few of these things. Would you do free shipping to Ireland too? If not they'd prob pay shipping anyway. I'll ask for ya.
I'd give it free if it could fit in a flat rate box. Thanks for compliment grass, the parts are priced to move.
I will buy the custom M40A3-ish type stock if you post a few more pictures. I <3 that stock.
Who made the scope? Does it include mounts?

How many .43 bbs are there?
I'm not sure what make it is, but yes it comes with the mouts. The scope used to belong to woogie. It is a full bag of javelin .43's.
Are you sure its fixed magnification; the adjuster to the rear of the scope looks like it would adjust magnification. And I can't find any UTG scope that has fully adjustable turrets and a fixed magnification, that also looks like that.
Too many, it has adjustable magnification.
GOREM, you msg not have seem my last post :\

Can you post more pictures of the M40A3-ish bar-10 stock? Please and thank you.
Macmillan said:
GOREM, you msg not have seem my last post :\

Can you post more pictures of the M40A3-ish bar-10 stock? Please and thank you.
I'm sorry bro, I completely looked over it, here you go.

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Yes sir hear is is

[email protected]

send me your address.
Bump, and all sold items were removed.
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