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Furthest Range you Acheived on a Type96

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I have a Type96 just recently and plan to upgrade it. I am just wondering what kind of upgrades can you recommend to achieve the furthest reach without sacrificing accuracy and consistency.

thank you in advance to the replies
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This would be Livonia's forte, but I know with his gun he is reaching around the 110yd range max. Not sure though what upgrades he has for it though.
I can hit someone at 90 yards no problem, usually kill around 75-80.

502fps, everything upgraded.

The OK cylinder is good for the price, but PDI cylinder kits are good.
I'm pretty sure he means which 96. The Maruzen, UTG, KJW (although it's an M700), or Asahi, etc.
no I was replying to livonia andd asking hime which upgrades he had in is type 96 becuse all he said beofre he edited his post was that the upgrades helped a lot or something. And with my type 96, i can get 320 foot range max and i wouldn't even bother shooting that far becuse the person I would be shooting probably wouldn't even feel it under his BDU's and tac equipment. I generaly go for 275 foot targets for my max range. I have taken a succesful shot at 365 feet when I slanted the gun upward and got lucky at the angel. Although I was kind of fireing at a group...


I have these upgrades:
-Ok 500 fps cylinder set
-laylax zero trigger
-prometheus 6.03mm barrel
-PDI hop up
-silent dampers
-King arms neopiston
-tasco pronghorn 3-9x40 scope
-custome silencer

and hey grinson, remeber me from, you helped me a lot with the upgrades :)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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