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no I was replying to livonia andd asking hime which upgrades he had in is type 96 becuse all he said beofre he edited his post was that the upgrades helped a lot or something. And with my type 96, i can get 320 foot range max and i wouldn't even bother shooting that far becuse the person I would be shooting probably wouldn't even feel it under his BDU's and tac equipment. I generaly go for 275 foot targets for my max range. I have taken a succesful shot at 365 feet when I slanted the gun upward and got lucky at the angel. Although I was kind of fireing at a group...


I have these upgrades:
-Ok 500 fps cylinder set
-laylax zero trigger
-prometheus 6.03mm barrel
-PDI hop up
-silent dampers
-King arms neopiston
-tasco pronghorn 3-9x40 scope
-custome silencer

and hey grinson, remeber me from, you helped me a lot with the upgrades :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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