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Hi guys im a resident from over on arnies and zeroin and wolfgeorge sent me over after i approached him on advice

im not entirely new as ive owned several rifles in the past 6 months ranging from
asg l96,A&K dragunov,tm vsr

i havent kept them long as the l96 safety broke off the bolt handle fell off (this is first skirmish as well ) the dragunov arrived broken in half due to royal mail and the guys packing

The vsr was brought second hand in hideous condition cheap and well it was easier to sell it

now im looking for a brand new rifle which i can upgrade and get performing nicely but its between the TML96 A&K dragunov tm vsr and the asg l96

i know the vsr is the best to upgrade but im still unsure i keep getting told the dragunov has stupidly hard cocking

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