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I recently started my M4 DMR project and I'd like to know what else you guys think I need

So far here are the internals I upgraded

-6.01 Madbull Tightbore
-M150 Spring
-Metal Bushings
-Hop Up Bucking
-POM Piston
-Torque Up Gear Set
-Ball Bearing Spring Guide
-Aluminum Cylinder Head
-Bravo Silent Polycarbonate Piston Head w/Thrust Bearings
-Systema A to Z Motor
-Version 3 Reinforced Gearbox

-MagPul PTS UBR Stock
-King Arms M4/M16 FSG1 Style Pistol Grip
-Gemtach Blackside Barrel Extension (covers longer tightbore)
-I have it running on a 9.6v 2000mAh

So far I have it shooting consistently at 470 fps and I'm getting 1 inch groupings at 150 feet. Do you guys think there's anything else I could do to improve my DMR?

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Get some RiotSC gears and a terminusx motor. I would also upgrade to a lipo. Then, elongate your barrel window and install an ER-hop. I would recommend a madbull 6.03 V2 barrel for this, though, I have had a little bit better luck on those. One more thing, use the stock barrel length, or maybe as high as the mid 400mm, but not too long, after about 450 for most AEGs and about 509 for most BASRs, the extra length is just not helpful at all.

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What make spring are you ussing?An M150 spring should be giving you at least 500fps or more,plus the bore size and length should give you some more FPS also.Im assuming your barrel length is greater than 450mm.I like to use full cylinders for this length or greater.If it isnt full you really need to get one.Compression test your cylinder assembly,and check the nozzle to hopup for leaks.You will want a fairly hard bucking for this.My suggestions are Systema,or Guarder 60 degree.If ussing stock gears expect them to fail,and when they do then replace.No need to change motors if you have the Systema

You will definately need a larger battery to bring your trigger response up,and to fully realize that Systema motors full potential.For NIMH batteries 9.6v or 10.8v at nothing below 4000mah is what I would use.Or simply upgrade to 11.1v 20c or better lipo's.You can increase your range by getting either a 6.03mm or 6.05mm inner barrel.As stated previously,range is negligable past 509mm in length.

I read nothing in your initial post about AOE correcting,checking shimming,etc.Has this been done?If not,this needs to be at the top of your priorities list.
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