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I recently started my M4 DMR project and I'd like to know what else you guys think I need

So far here are the internals I upgraded

-6.01 Madbull Tightbore
-M150 Spring
-Metal Bushings
-Hop Up Bucking
-POM Piston
-Torque Up Gear Set
-Ball Bearing Spring Guide
-Aluminum Cylinder Head
-Bravo Silent Polycarbonate Piston Head w/Thrust Bearings
-Systema A to Z Motor
-Version 3 Reinforced Gearbox

-MagPul PTS UBR Stock
-King Arms M4/M16 FSG1 Style Pistol Grip
-Gemtach Blackside Barrel Extension (covers longer tightbore)
-I have it running on a 9.6v 2000mAh

So far I have it shooting consistently at 470 fps and I'm getting 1 inch groupings at 150 feet. Do you guys think there's anything else I could do to improve my DMR?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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