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G&G g96 and King arms chamber conversion

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Hi all

A few weeks ago i started a post in the Tanaka thread where I was asking around about upgrades and such for the m700.

I after all I bought a G&G g96 and so far I'm extremely pleased with it. Its very solid and it does come with the g&g upgrade parts which are all steel, cool.

Anyway the nozzle in the G&G bolt is machined from the same piece as the bolt (as far as I can see). This means it can not be changed for the one that comes with the king arms chamber conv. kit.

The question is: why is there a nozzle in the conversion kit, and is it necessary to change it? I saw people buying KJW bolts for their g96 to be able to change the nozzle. Is it necessary to change it?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance

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Great thanks for the insight!

I actually know that the KJW bolt fits the G&G g96 however I don't really want to change my lovely steel bolt to some inferior parts.

At least if only the front piece of the KJW bolt could be used so the bolt handle and other parts would stay g&g I would consider it.

Of course maybe I'm wrong in thinking that KJW is inferior? Does anyone have experience regarding this upgrade?

Thanks guys

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