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G&G g96 and King arms chamber conversion

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Hi all

A few weeks ago i started a post in the Tanaka thread where I was asking around about upgrades and such for the m700.

I after all I bought a G&G g96 and so far I'm extremely pleased with it. Its very solid and it does come with the g&g upgrade parts which are all steel, cool.

Anyway the nozzle in the G&G bolt is machined from the same piece as the bolt (as far as I can see). This means it can not be changed for the one that comes with the king arms chamber conv. kit.

The question is: why is there a nozzle in the conversion kit, and is it necessary to change it? I saw people buying KJW bolts for their g96 to be able to change the nozzle. Is it necessary to change it?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance

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If I were you, I'd see how the performance is with the G&G bolt, then if you wanted, you could swap for a KJW bolt. I have a KJW and the bolt is fine. Just take your striker spring out, and your air seal piece.
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