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G&G G96 External rig FINISHED (with phtoes)

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Hi all

I have finished my project for fixing an HPA rig onto my G&G G96 sniper rifle. I realy enjoyed the project altough it turned out to be twice the money I expected.

Here is a link to some photos.[email protected]/with/5507267281/

If any one is intrested I could write a review on how I done the upgrade.


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Very nice!

I have always liked the Mk96s... now I want an HPA one.
Thanks Cheese Man, if you would like me to share my experience of the upgrade let me know.
Thats definatly interesting.

Ive got the Well G96D, so same gun, only folding stock.

My thought was to somehow place a Ninja HPA tank in the stock and the regulator as well. I have all my old Paintball stuff, so I was thinking of useing the Palmers Male reg I have and somehow making that all work. But I want all the lines to run internal. Then use the gas resivor in the magazine for an expansion chamber.

On the Well, you can take the BB feed off of the gas res in the mag. So. . anyway Im dreaming about it still.

Your set up looks awesome. Nice job man.
Thanks Ronin055

I was also considering placing the power source inside the gun but I have given it up for various reasons:

- I could go with a CO2 cartridge or ninja tank (im not sure that would fit...) but the problem is that every time I would like to change the mag I have to disconnect it from the external air. This means you need a valve in both ends of the line one in the mag and one in the hose coming from the tank. I only have one in the line coming from the tank so when I disconnect a mag I loose a full mag of air. its not much on a48cu tank but on a co cartridge you will loosa 1/3 of what you have.

Any way it feels more comfortable to have as much air with me as posible and not have to worry about it. This is why I mad the connection on the stock instead directly connecting the tank to the mag.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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