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mrsnipes82 said:
Hello everybody I have a few questions about both of these rifles considering I am thinking about getting one of them.

First off and most importantly- does a G&G G96 with all of the power upgrades (I'm pretty sure they come stock right?) get the same range and accuracy as a stock tanaka m700? If not how much range do they both get (estimated) The Tanaka stock gets about 200' of range, I'm not sure on the G&G, but it should be similar

is it possible to change the stock on a tanaka m700 to an m24 or some other kind of stock with slight modifications? Tanaka sells an M24, so yes. Also, if you have money and time any stock can be modified to fit.

Finally can you run the G96 on an external HPA rig like the tanaka? Yes, you can run any GIM gun on HPA, you just have to tap the magazine's gas reservoir for a QD HPA fitting.

And just in general do they perform about the same? In most respects, yes. The G&G has all of the G&G upgrade parts pre-installed, that's about $50-60 without the power bolt if you wanted to buy them for a Tanaka. However, it has the power bolt, which I see as a detriment for this reason: It doesn't have interchangeable nozzles. The number one upgrade for Tanaka rifles and clones thereof is a VSR hop-up conversion, this requires a longer nozzle to be at its most consistent, but the power bolt doesn't allow for a longer nozzle to be installed.

Sorry mods if I put this in the wrong area, I didn't really know which other one to put it in.

I have a Tanaka (seen here) with almost all upgrades you can buy (except the long nozzle) and it's already shooting out past 350', accurately to 300' (Madbull .4's, ~70 degree propane). With a longer nozzle it would be even more gas efficient than it is now, and much much more consistent (already is +/-2 FPS on propane. A HPA rig would just be icing on the cake.

I hope this helps, shoot me a PM or post here if you have any questions.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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