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G&G G96

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Trying to help another member on another forum figure out the upgrade path for this rifle. Its new on the market, and since some of you guys are pros with gas rifles, I thought I would post this up here for him. He is currently deployed, and cannot make an account on here, and ask it himself. So I will be like the messenger here

Hey Fuzzy,

You seem like the guy to talk to. I plan to join your sniper forums, I just can't right now due to the deployment. So, I'm builing a sniper platform. I'm looking at an L96 type (I already have the KJW M700 take down that I'm going to trade in for the non-take down). I'm planning on using propane for the time being due to it being cheap and easy to get but I wouldn't be opposed to looking at CO2 or HPA later as I learn a little more about it. I've been reading the Evike forums to do my own research and unfortunately there alot of kids on there. There's a lot to wade through. I read several reviews online as well. I was ready to throw down for the Ares CNC version at $500. That thing is sexy, but several reviews showed problems. So I looked a little further down and I'm looking at the G&G G96


There was alot of good stuff said about that one. Especially with it being an internal clone of a Tanaka. At $280, I have some room to upgrade a bit here. G&G puts out a metal hopup


but I'm wondering if it's the same as the one already in the rifle. I'm wondering if either the stock or the upgraded hopup will accept AEG barrels (from what I've read, there's a difference).

I found a 6.03 madbull tightbore


that's 650mm (the rifle takes up to a 655mm) for $30. Outside of that, I don't know all that much about the internals of a gas sniper. I assume that the air seal is important, I saw an O ring kit but I haven't read up in that direction yet. All this will still keep me under $400 before the discounts. I read your post on the upgrade path for the MK96 and I don't know the similarities but I assume that the concepts are the same. Hopup and bucking, TBB, and high polish ammo. I can't tell you how difficult this is trying to learn this by reading and looking at pictures. I'm a hands on kind of guy. So, I could use some guidance. I'd hit up Mike at Evike but they're retarded busy this week and I felt I needed the assistance of a specialist. Let me know what you think. I hope to hear from you.

Erik Slater
[email protected]
Any help or input is appreciated. Thanks guys :-*
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The only things you should even need for that gun are:

-King Arms Hop up for Tanaka M700 (allows for use of VSR-10 buckings)
-Good VSR-10 bucking Firefly, Nineball, or KA
-VSR-10 Barrel
-Co2 or HPA rig

Everything else is already upgraded stock.

That's it.
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