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G&G GR-25

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Hello everyone,

I am new here and stumboled uppon this wonderful forum in the search for a DMR. I have wanted the DMR position for a while but never had the money to do so. I now have some money and Xmas is coming up so I thought what a good time to finally do something about my dream of a DMR.

My reason for wanting to have a long range weapons are simple. I have always wanted one for starters. I have always been very good at sneaking around and concealment. And lastly I love the aspect of being a sniper.

One of my friends, I dont know if he is on this forum or not, is a very good sniper. He offered me the position of his spotter a very long time ago and I would have done this then but I didnt have the money. He offered again just recently and I would love to do be his "spotter". Now all I need is a weapon for this new role Im in.

I have been looking for a DMR and I found the CYMA M14 very nice (I own one and converted one into a M1919 with 1000 RPM and another into an M1 Garand) I also was looking at the G&G SR-25 as another choise. I thought that "well it is the only SR-25 in stock ANYWHERE and it looks to be very nice and out of the box have ok FPS".

If you have any suggestions about the G&G SR-25 please respond also if you have any ideas about a better gun that would be great.

This is what I have come to understand about myself. I can build ANYTHING on the outside but when it comes to the insides Im not that great. I need a gun that I dont need to do much work to get it shooting at or around my fields limit of 450 FPS.

Thank you for your time and input,
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I have a G&G SR-25. I absolutely love it. There are a few things you need to be aware of.

1: The stock fps was not up to snuff in my opinion, it was a bit on the low side. I think it was around 350 fps with .25s.

2: It only shoots Semi-automatic. For some people this is a huge problem, I enjoy not having fully automatic.

3: It has a tightbore already in it, and I have had no problems out of the existing tightbore.

4: The gearbox is a standard size gearbox, but the hop up is elongated. The CA version has an elongated piston, and a regular hop up.

Here is the thread with pictures of mine.

I have done very little modification, because money is a bit tight. The modifications that I did do suit me very well for right now. And it chronos right in at 440 fps with .25 gram bbs.

I hope this is at least slightly helpful.

Also this guide written by vindicareassassin is absolutely amazing, read it.
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elder90 said:
That was very helpfull thank you. So is there much I need to do to the gun to get it shooting at 450fps (my limit for DMRs at my field).
Is your fields limit with .2 gram bbs or .25 gram bbs? All I had to do to get it to hit 450 with .25s was put a Madbull m130 spring in it. G&G seems to have amazing compression stock with very little air lost. If you do the modifications in vindicareassassin's thread while your working on the gearbox, it will make sure you have little to no leaks, and it will also increase reliability and consistency.

I also switched the piston, but that isn't necessary. The stock piston is a quality one.
I don't recommend changing out the barrel right away, I would at least wait a little bit and see how you like the consistency. I went with the M130, because I concluded that it was the heaviest spring the gearbox could take without some major reworking.

The Guide is an extremely detailed and well written guide. I recommend re-reading it multiple times before starting. I believe doing the entire guide would be the best choice. There are two sections the second one is lower down on the first page. Yes, you could mess some of it up, but if you take your time, read the guide multiple times, ask questions about what you are unclear on, and don't try to do it all in one sitting, you should be fine.

There are some extremely knowledgeable people on this forum, that would be happy to answer your questions. So don't be afraid to crack open that gearbox and get your hands dirty. If you run into a jam, I'm sure someone here could help you out, or at least point you in the right direction.
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