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G&G GR-25

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Hello everyone,

I am new here and stumboled uppon this wonderful forum in the search for a DMR. I have wanted the DMR position for a while but never had the money to do so. I now have some money and Xmas is coming up so I thought what a good time to finally do something about my dream of a DMR.

My reason for wanting to have a long range weapons are simple. I have always wanted one for starters. I have always been very good at sneaking around and concealment. And lastly I love the aspect of being a sniper.

One of my friends, I dont know if he is on this forum or not, is a very good sniper. He offered me the position of his spotter a very long time ago and I would have done this then but I didnt have the money. He offered again just recently and I would love to do be his "spotter". Now all I need is a weapon for this new role Im in.

I have been looking for a DMR and I found the CYMA M14 very nice (I own one and converted one into a M1919 with 1000 RPM and another into an M1 Garand) I also was looking at the G&G SR-25 as another choise. I thought that "well it is the only SR-25 in stock ANYWHERE and it looks to be very nice and out of the box have ok FPS".

If you have any suggestions about the G&G SR-25 please respond also if you have any ideas about a better gun that would be great.

This is what I have come to understand about myself. I can build ANYTHING on the outside but when it comes to the insides Im not that great. I need a gun that I dont need to do much work to get it shooting at or around my fields limit of 450 FPS.

Thank you for your time and input,
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I'll be picking mine up from Young's in Grand Rapids, MI by the end of the week. :)

TJ at Young's, also didn't like the stock 350 fps. He upgraded the spring and now he's got it chronod at 407-413 fps with .20s. Sill not that high, but's a start without me paying for it. ;)

vindicareassassin's DMR thread is very useful, make sure you read it a couple of times.
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