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G&G GR25 upgrades

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So I struck a good deal on a G&G GR25.

I've searched on many forums and pages for the best upgrades but I can't find a decent or concrete list.

Any owners of the GR25 with a good preformance DMR?

At the moment the gun is back to stock but I got a few parts with it:

- G&P M120 High Speed Motor - Long Type
- Burst wizard 3 mosfet

The motor is probably not the one I want in this but I tought I would just mention it ;)

Thanks in advance
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I doubt you will find a list for it. They are not the most desirable platform to build off.

Aside from barrel and bucking upgrades, hopup chamber is not upgradeable. No after market chambers for it.

Gearbox wise, the only thing going for it is that its a normal version 2 gearbox. The air nozzle is absurdly long.

A STS will not work on it either.

Parts wise, there are loads of options. Though I am not a fan of the burst wizard, but to each their own. I wouldn't use a G&P motor. They are ok not well suited for a dmr, but there are better alternatives.

How comfortable are you with AEG teching?
Gonna beat a dead horse, you will break the front of the gearbox off. Not a matter of if, but when. Even with doing all the mods in the book, like radiusing, its going to die.

For mosfets I typically use gate products as they work with microswitches. Merf, Warfet, Titan.
Not that I have heard. Does not have anything for debounce.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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