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G&G GR25 upgrades

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So I struck a good deal on a G&G GR25.

I've searched on many forums and pages for the best upgrades but I can't find a decent or concrete list.

Any owners of the GR25 with a good preformance DMR?

At the moment the gun is back to stock but I got a few parts with it:

- G&P M120 High Speed Motor - Long Type
- Burst wizard 3 mosfet

The motor is probably not the one I want in this but I tought I would just mention it ;)

Thanks in advance
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The gr25, just treat it like a regular aeg m4. Keep the oem hopup & nozzle and tinker away on everything else. Don’t bother with some absurdly long inner barrel. 400mm’ish tops imho...

I have one I’ve been working on (not touched it in months though) that will be powered by a wolverine reaper, powered by propane if I get it working right lol
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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