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G&G M14 Outer barrel

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Does anybody know where I may be able to get an outer barrel for my G&G M14 SOCOM2?

Mine has suffered damage where it connects to the Upper receiver (or whatever you may call it) and is causing me to lose my air seal.

I've taken this gun apart a dozen times trying to find a way of correcting the problem but every time I think I've fixed it (when I put it together & it works) when I next pick it up, it doesn't work again.

By doesn't work, I mean I'm getting massively reduced power with my bb's going 20m rather than 50m.
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Well, it had a generic black hop rubber in it to start off with and I have changed that to Madbull red and I'm still suffering from the same problem.


Although, I am wondering if it has something to do with the new air nozzle I put in it... I will have to strip my GB down and change it back!

I will also check out a new hop rubber.
Right-o, I shall remember that in future. I only used the Madbull red cause it was all I had left. On your recommendation I will pick up a guarder black for a replacement.
Swapped my air-nozzle, no difference apart from my gun was quieter... Swapped my hop rubber, spot on! Cheers for the tip Vindi :)
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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