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G&G M14

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Hey guys just wondering what is the best site to find cheaper G&G M14's. I have a certain limit of about 200 or so bucks so it's either the G&G or a clone (most likely UTG). :(

A TM M14 could work also.
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hey i got mine over at

The package came with the G&G M14 as well as a battery and charger. The package was a total of $255. It got to my house quick and was packaged really well ... i would say go with them .:D
i didn't think that you could put a G&G M14 into a TM M14 and visa versa. But yeah i was in the same boat you were a little bit ago.. I went with the G&G because of it already being at the FPS i was looking for. That and TM's are good but they are fairly low on the FPS scale. But that is what i have read on other sites, as i have not actually held a TM, well or a G&G till i get back from Iraq

But let us know what you plan on doing .... would be good to know
and good luck
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look at a shotgun scope... should be a 1.5-4 or a 1.5-5 They have great eye relief and stand up really good against paintballs

that way you have the close in but yet can zoom in a bit
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the scope that i have are actually smaller than some of my rifle scopes.... when i get home i will find it and see what the brand is... but they are small hairs
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