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G&G M14

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Hey guys just wondering what is the best site to find cheaper G&G M14's. I have a certain limit of about 200 or so bucks so it's either the G&G or a clone (most likely UTG). :(

A TM M14 could work also.
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Embed, THANK YOU! That putting a TM or G&G gearbox is a great idea.
Thanks guys for all of your help.
Also what kind of scope/red dot should I get? It's going to be a multipurpose gun (sniper,scout,assault, etc.) So should I get a reflex sight, red dot or scope?
What would be the expected range of the UTG version?

Here are some links to what I am thinking about.{1BE7A10B-0A9D-4C39-9AEVEREST4F-AD1BFCFE01FA}&ic=AC%2DUPI%2DDF%2DCPB06&eq=&Tp=
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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