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G&G M14

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Hey guys just wondering what is the best site to find cheaper G&G M14's. I have a certain limit of about 200 or so bucks so it's either the G&G or a clone (most likely UTG). :(

A TM M14 could work also.
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I'd say go with the TM hands down, but if you want the G&G go for it. They're new version is apparently quite good unlike their first run which was one of the biggest production flops in airsoft history.

I've fielded the UTG M14 multiple times and I've gotta say that it's quite a gun. I wouldn't trust it with upgrades but if you're planning on keeping it stock then the UTG is well worth the price. If you put an upgraded Marui or G&G gearbox in it then you'd be fine. If worse comes to worse and you can't find a TM or G&G M14 for $200, the UTG is by no means a crappy gun.

If you can scrape another $55 together then I recommend Airsoft Extreme like Woogie said. I've been to their store in Santa Clara and they have some of the best products and service in the country.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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