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G&G M14

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Hey guys just wondering what is the best site to find cheaper G&G M14's. I have a certain limit of about 200 or so bucks so it's either the G&G or a clone (most likely UTG). :(

A TM M14 could work also.
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If your near the 200$ price range if you can save up enough you can get yourself a decent M14. Echo 1 USA M14 are on par with Tokyo Marui rifles and are only 220$. I would look into these.
woogie said:
look at a shotgun scope... should be a 1.5-4 or a 1.5-5 They have great eye relief and stand up really good against paintballs

that way you have the close in but yet can zoom in a bit
Please... dont...

If you look at the Reticles for rifles AND shotguns you will see major differences.

Besides useful things like better and more advanced mildots, the shotguns crosshairs are WAY thicker. Most shotgun reticles are diamond in shape WITH the addition of the traditions crosshair "cross". The diamond shape is to view your groupings with buckshot and the crosshairs are for slug-fire.

In my opinion this is way to much clutter on a scope. Id rather use the space to aim what Im shooting at and view where the BB is landing to make Adjustments.

Im in no way exadurating the size of the diamond corsshairs.
The difference is almost literally:
Tradition Crosshairs: +
Shotgun Corsshairs: +
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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