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G&P DMR Build? Help Please?

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I'm planing on getting a G&P M4 with a crane stock, and adding the Matrix MOD 1 SPR conversion kit to it, and getting a Angel Custom 6.01 500MM inner barrel. Then getting stuff like new scope, rail covers, stuff like that. Are the listed items any good, and would you recommend anything else for the gun?
BTW: My field Semi Auto sniper limit is 450 fps. And this will be my first M4. My other guns are the Airsoft GI G700G and Echo 1 M14.
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No. Read the guide at the top of this section (by Vindi), and buy an inner barrel that is the same length as the stock one. I would recommend Prometheus. Then install an R-hop. Also, keep the fps stock. Just re-shim, etc. You don't need 450 fps to outrange anyone.
Personally Start with the G&P m16a3 or something then change it up don`t get a Angel CUstom. Go prommy. Matrix/Madbull if you don`t have the money. Also Make a intro.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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