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G&P Lipo/ni-cad help - into buffer tube.

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Ok, now I am planning to get this gun -
The gun uses deans so I have to buy batteries which use deans ok. Or if you can shhow me to a timaya to deans adapter.

I am asking you to show me what batteries will fit into that stock and what adapter if any is needed (It has crocodile clips) is needed for this charger to charge them,r:5,s:0&tx=143&ty=11
Also could the links be from ehobbyasia.

Now I am wondering if someone could point out a good Lipo (Has to fit in buffer tube)and charger combo, the cheaper the better. The lipo and charger both have to be deans of course and preferably have a stabilizer with them. You can show me a timaya lipo - but please show me an instock deans timaya adapter (has to ship to Ireland)

Batteries is one area I'm not good with, help is appreciated.

Edit - And how do you tell if the charger is compatible with the lipo - does it charge through the deans/timaya connector or through the stabilizer thing?
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Just buy some deans plugs for 4e, cut the original plugs from the battery (newly bought batterys should be empty) and the charger, then just solder the deans back, buy a plugs with those rubber socks to avoid crossing the wires.
Begadi airsoft seems to have the 7.4v lipo, charger, balancer, deans and shrink tubes, you might want to check it out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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