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G&P M14 DMR Recon

After doing a lot of researching here on ASF and other forums I was not able to find much in the way of quality reviews for the G&P M14 series of rifles. So now that I've had about 5,000 rounds through mine, I thought it would be a good point to do a preliminary report and review. Obviously, I haven't had enough rounds through the gun and won't be able to comment on longevity, so I'll stick to the facts and initial impressions.

There doesn't seem to be much information available on even the specs of this gun, so I want to spell it out:

Model: G&P M14 DMR Recon

Length: 1040mm (~41in)
Weight: 3800g (8.4lbs)
Inner Barrel: 470mm
Muzzle Velocity: 350-400fps*
BBs per second: 20-30rps, depending on battery
Thread Direction: 14mm+ (needs an adapter for most suppressors)

*I tested it right out of the box and it was 355-360. However, with one correction it will easily push 400fps. See review below.

Gearbox: version 7 (TM compatible) with 7mm bearings
Motor: G&P Ultra Custom M120 High Speed
Gears: G&P high torque gears
Spring: M120
Spring Guide: polymer with washer, no bearings
Piston: G&P Polyacetal High Pressure Piston
Piston Head: G&P Explosive Head, w/ single o-ring no bearings but comes with Sorbopad
Cylinder: straight, no port brass cylinder
Cylinder head: polymer/brass head with single o-ring
Battery Connectors: Deans
Hop Up: standard TM version 7
Barrel: G&P 6.08mm inner barrel

Stock: ABS plastic, w/ cheek riser
Rails: metal
Receiver: metal
Action: metal
Controls (trigger, fire selector, etc.): metal
Outer Barrel: metal
Flash-hider: comes with plastic orange M4 tip and metal M14 tip.
Battery Compartment: in stock, very large & wired to deans
Sights: standard M14, adjustable rear for windage & elevation

Initial Thoughts:
This is a standard rifle that could be a DMR with a few upgrades. I dropped in a Venom 7.4v 20C lipo and had 23-26rps thanks to the ultra custom high speed motor. No where can you find that it comes with a sorbopad, so I was very surprised with how quiet it was when I first shot - only to find the sorbopad heftily glued to the cylinder head when I opened up the gearbox.

When I took it out to the range at D14 Airsoft here in Texas, I was a little bummed that it only did 355-360fps and that it's effective range was limited to 175 feet. Definitely what you'd expect from a $350 AEG rifle, but I was hoping that this "DMR" would be a little better out of the box. Although with very little modification it would soon do much better.

One thing that I was impressed with initially was the shimming from the factory. It was almost perfect. with the addition of one .1mm shim to the left side of the sector gear, there really did a bang up job on it.

Field Play:
The gun performs extremely well on the field. My primary field is D14 Airsoft as mentioned before, which is about 40 acres of woods, creeks, fields, trenches, forts, towns, etc. So I was able to really test it in a lot of varied environments. It's a fairly big gun, but I'm a big guy (6'2" @ 220lbs) so hoofing it with this gun wasn't a problem. I'm a strong believer in the 500mm max barrel length for AEGs to effectively not build back pressure. So this gun was the perfect length for what I wanted. It's not super wieldy in buildings, but that's what pistols are for ;) Plus my field has 20ft MED for anything between 350-400fps, so building clearing with it is not ideal.

Did I mention how quiet it was?! I was dropping guys from 40 feet and they didn't know where the shot came from. Part of that was the shimming, another part was the sorbopad.

I took a nasty spill with this gun during the last game of the first day I used it. It was right after the start of the game and my fire team was hauling @ss to gain as much ground as we could. I was tired from the previous 7 hours of running a lot and was going across a very rocky creek bed when I caught my foot on a boulder and sprawled out - gun going down hard. I blew my knee wide open, yet the gun didn't even have a scratch on it! Mag stayed in and I picked it up and started shooting almost immediately. I know - pics or it didn't happen. Sorry, didn't think to setup for that kodak moment ;)

Initial Complaints:
There are a few things that I think were build flaws, and others that were design flaws.

Design Flaws
  • The battery compartment is very hard to access. Need to have a screwdriver and it anchors into the rear sling mount. That's a pain sometimes to reset into the sling mount sometimes.
  • Hop-up - I know, TM was the designer and G&P just cloned it. However, I'm not a big fan of how flimsy the counter spring it set in the cradle. Get it wrong and your hop up will get stuck all the way down.
  • Spring Guide - why didn't they use one with bearings?
Build Flaws
  • The piston head o-ring was too small and accounted for 90% compression loss out of the box. Honestly, I don't know how it even got 355-360fps after I tested the compression - there was NONE. However, using Vindi's method for stretching the o-ring, I was able to greatly increase the airseal to at least 95%, which puts the fps around 390. However, this 95% airseal leads to…
  • The cylinder head gasket was damaged when I got it. It accounted for probably 5% of the airleaks. I teflon taped the $#!% out of it, but still couldn't get 100% seal. I've got a Magic Box aluminum performance double o-ring cylinder head in bound now to try and remedy this issue. but more on upgrades later…

Initial Complements:
  • To be honest, I love this gun. I got it because I wanted to run milsim with a near identical match to my SA M1A SOCOM II.
  • ROF - high for a DMR, but allows me to lay down much needed "lead" when being rushed.
  • Flawless Feeding - I never once had a jam. I used G&P as well as CYMA mags but mid and high cap and never had a problem over the past 5000 rounds.
  • Repeatability - 175 might have been the max range with .20g bbs, but anything within it was dead. part of that was consistent hop and other part I think was due to the barrel - 6.08mm sucks for velocity, but helps tighten groupings past 100ft.
  • The polymer stock made this gun very liveable.
  • AOE - the G&P piston has the 4 metal teeth and the #2 tooth is removed. The AOE is PERFECT.
  • Sorbopad - a small, cheap detail, but it went a long way for them to include it stock.
  • That Motor - yeah, I could drop more money and get a 40rps M4, but honestly who wants to burn through bbs that fast? 15-20rps is a tad slow. But 22-26 is such a sweet spot. Both full auto and semi were extremely responsive.

Further Improvements & Upgrades:
With the exception of shimming the hopup unit, I've done everything that Vindi suggests in his awesome "The Holy Grail of Building Your DMR AEG"

Here are a few additional parts that are currently inbound and I'm adding to address a few issues:

  • HSA IR-Hop
  • Magic Box CNC Aluminum cylinder head w/ double o-ring
  • Modify Ver 7 spring guide w/ bearings
  • SHS Blue piston head with bearings & 8 ports (will test against current Explosive head)
  • Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 Mosfet
  • Elite Force .28g BBs

I think that if I can solve the airleak issues with the cylinder head, new spring guide and piston head, I can get consistent (+/- 3fps) velocity which will help me focus on accuracy. Which is where the the .28g bbs and and IR-Hop unit will really help me gain distance as I try to make 225 feet my effective range.

I've read some harsh reactions to the BWKKS2 Mosfet over on, but I think a lot of that has to the with the marketing approach. Not deterred, I wanted to give this mosfet a try. The features that I most look forward to getting out of it are:

  • Trigger contact protection (as I'll be hard-wiring it in)
  • Active Braking
  • Precocking
  • Resettable fuse
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Programmable burst modes
  • Remove full auto

I should have all these parts delivered and installed for the OP next Saturday 1.03.15, so i hope to provide an update on the performance and how it's looking. I am trying to get 395fps and 225 feet effective range.

Please share your ideas and let me know if you know of some great upgrades.

I'll follow up this review with an update when I've modified it and have a couple more thousand rounds down range next weekend.

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