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G&P MK14 Proto

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Has anyone handled it or heard anything about it?
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Yessir. I'm the proud owner of a Mk14 Crane or Mk14 'Crane Proto'. I bought it back when they only offered it as a kit but I plan on installing a G&P metal body soon so it'll be the same thing.

The quality of the kit is excellent. The EBR barrel is nice and beefy and has an unbeatable finish to it. The stock by itself can feel a little plasticy but when you get all the guts in there it's heavy and realistic. I can't speak for the metal bodies they're using but first of all.. it's G&P, you know the quality is going to be superb. Second, it's CNC and has licensed trades.. [borat voice]Very nice![/borat voice].

As for how it shoots, mine is a TM M14 with a Guarder FTK so you'll have to find out how the G&P ones shoot from someone else.

The neat thing about buying the kit is that you can always turn your Mk14 into an M14 DMR!

On that note I'll leave you with some eye candy:

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They're held on by two allen screws with nut fasteners; They're easily detached.
Thanks for the info and "Very Nice" indeed. I was digging around and found this review on the G&P Its not the MK 14 version, its the G&P DMR M14 and I think I might like it better...
The M14 DMR is definitely a better deal because you're only paying about $100 more for the high quality M1 Scope, low mounts and RAS. But if you want more of an assault M14 than the DMR then the Mk14 Crane is well worth the $250. Hell, I paid $250 for the kit by itself when it first came out.. wish I would have waited.

It should be noted, I bought the top rail on my gun separate. If you want to mount your optics forward like that you'll need the G&P Scout mount.
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